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30 x 30 Campaign


Shekinah Ranch’s financial campaign is ongoing. The first cabin is now open and Christian workers are being blessed. Our prayer is that more guests will experience being Away From The Battle; Alone With The Lord. To help keep the rate affordable, we need to raise about $10,000 a year of on-going operational financial support. The 30 x 30 Campaign will help make this possible. 

We are still seeking the support of 25 individuals willing to invest $30/month in the ministry and become Shekinah Ranch Partners. 


To participate in the campaign, you may 1) donate by clicking the "Donate Online Now" button below; 2) send a check to Shekinah Ranch, PO Box 1191, Tabernash, CO 80478.


100% of the funds donated will be used for their intended purpose. For more information, please email

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